Hospital Lift

For Maintenance of Hospital Beds / Surgical Beds, and other Heavy Medical Equipment

Custom-built to lift the beds and equipment in your facility.

Hospital Bed Maintenance just got easier.

Choose a Fixed or Portable Lift to meet your needs.

Perform maintenance and regular service of hospital beds and other medical equipment, such as large wheelchairs, when you use SVI’s Medical Equipment Lifts.

Hospital beds have progressively become more complex and feature-packed over the years. These sophisticated beds provide superior patient comfort and ultimate control to providers and caregivers alike. All of this does not come without presenting additional challenges to hospital equipment maintenance personnel worldwide.

Today’s beds are not only heavier, they contain more moving parts, linkages, drive motors, electronics, etc. Servicing and maintaining these high-tech beds has never been more important or demanding. Utilizing the most effective tools to safely and productively perform hospital lift bed maintenance is a top priority of professional staff at health care operations everywhere.

SVI meets these needs as one of the medical industry’s first and most economically versatile supplier of the safest hospital bed service lifts available.

Call today to learn more. SVI is very versatile and can custom-tailor a hospital lift to meet your specific needs.


  • 1000 lb. (453 Kg) Lifting Capacity
  • Available Lifting Heights: 48″ (122 cm), 60″ (152 cm), 72″ (182 cm)
  • Standard Lift Length: 48″ (122cm)
  • Lift Arm Width Adjustment: 16″ to 60″ (40 cm to 152 cm)
  • Super Smooth Chain-Over Hydraulic Cylinder Lifting Action
  • Telescoping and Folding Arms—Keep floor area clear when lift is not in use. Options Available.
  • Shrouded Solenoid-Operated Safety Lock System—Locks Every 4″
  • Positive Engaging Carriage Safety Lock
  • Swing Arm Lock
  • Chain Drive
  • 110V Power and Pushbutton Lock Release can be remotely wall-mounted or attached right to the Lifting Column
  • Standard or Specialty Lifting Adapters Are Available
  • Adjustable Lift Arm Width
  • And More

Portable Hospital Lift Bed Lift for Hospital Bed Maintenance


  • Designed to be portable, to fit through any door that a hospital bed fits through, and to be moved where needed (41-13/16” Wide X 78” Height)
  • Shipped ready to lift, no assembly required!
  • 48” rise, full lift achieved in 1 minute
  • Hand crank winch for lifting without need for hydraulics or electricity
  • Fixed spread distance of lifting arms (41”)
  • Arms designed to be level with the floor when fully lowered for easy positioning
  • Fully lowered height of 3-1/8” will fit under most hospital beds
  • Tubular carriage frame to minimize weight
  • Telescoping arms for storage (53-1/4” Deep)
  • Controls are manually operated for total control
  • Built-in fully automatic friction brake holds load exactly in position when raising and lowering. Cannot free wheel
  • Locking positions every 4”, starting at 20” off the floor
  • Auto resetting lock, whenever the lift is raised the lock resets
  • And More

SVI Hospital Bed Lifts are proudly Made in Illinois, USA. Contact SVI today to order yours today!