2 Ways Our Lifts Speed Up Medical Equipment Repair

Hospitals have more than enough emergencies to tackle and equipment repair delays shouldn’t be one of them. With the expanding technology affecting every industry, the medical field’s equipment has also evolved over the decades to include comfort and performance-driven features. When your hospital’s equipment such as a complex hospital bed or large wheelchair malfunctions and prevents an inpatient’s recovery from being the least comfortable, you want to have the medical equipment repaired as soon as possible. We discuss below the two main ways in which our specialized lifts reduce the time your repairmen spend servicing and repairing your medical equipment.

Lift Components Customized to Your Equipment

Over the years, medical equipment manufacturers have exponentially upgraded their medical bed features to provide superior comfort to patients. As a result of all the modifications, modern medical beds are now heavier and contain more moving parts in comparison with older models. Therefore, older hospital bed lift models might not be best suited for lifting newer and more technologically advanced medical beds.

Recently, our lifts caught the attention of major hospital bed manufacturers as we offer high quality products that are customizable to your medical equipment’s specific needs. Our custom hospital bed specialty lift adapters with adjustable arm width allow a perfect fit for the hospital beds and medical equipment at your facility. With our custom medical lift components that fit seamlessly with your facility’s equipment, your biomedical technicians will spend less time safely positioning a bed to service in an efficient manner.

SVI Hospital Bed Service Lifts are best used in conjunction with Hill-Rom, Stryker, Joerns, Gendron, and Drive. However, our products work well with many other brands as we offer tailored lifting adapters that can help successfully lift even the most challenging medical beds for maintenance and other servicing actions.

Safety Advantages Conscious of Obstacles

Not only do we want to ensure every hospitalized patient recovers their health while being safe doing so, but we also want to make sure your biomedical technicians feel secured from harm’s way while servicing medical equipment such as hospital beds and complex wheelchairs. SVI serves as the medical industry’s most economically versatile supplier of the safest hospital bed service lifts available. Our lifts offer multiple safety advantages that drastically reduces the probability of a biomedical technicians possibly being injured during routine bed maintenance and repair activities. 

Our safety features include: 

  • Positive-engaging carriage safety locks
  • Telescoping and folding arms to keep floor area clear when the lift is not in use
  • 110V Power unit and lock release that can be remotely wall-mounted or attached directly to the lifting column

Reduce Medical Equipment Repair Time with SVI Medical

At SVI Medical, we are dedicated to providing the safest medical equipment repair lifts, customized to perfectly fit the equipment at your facility. If your facility has any complex medical equipment that will one day need to be serviced or repaired, know that you can trust our experts at SVI Medical to provide the best suited medical equipment service lifts and lift components. Contact us today at (800) 321-8173 with any questions.