Why Are Major Hospital Bed Manufacturers Turning to SVI?

As the healthcare industry continues to grow and as technology advances, new needs for producing and servicing complex products constantly arise. At SVI International, Inc. we understand the process of innovation well. That’s why our team at SVI developed an industry-standard lift for manufacturers who make the comfortable, technology-equipped hospital beds that patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities occupy. 

Hospital Bed Manufacturers

The process of manufacturing hospital beds has become more complex. Hospital beds have become heavier as manufacturers add more hardware and parts for patient comfort, patient control, and bed portability. Newer, highly sophisticated hospital beds are often operated via technology, resulting in a detailed manufacturing process as well. 

When hospital beds begin to wear down or break, hospitals will often send the beds in batches back to the manufacturer to be fixed and subsequently returned, rather than having someone fix the beds in-house. 

The Problem

Manufacturing these sophisticated hospital beds can be difficult since there are many parts involved. The beds are heavy, and moving them around is no small feat. Personnel on the production or service line often need to bend down to reach a specific part, causing pain, fatigue, or lasting injury. One manufacturer, in particular, faced productivity and safety challenges when they didn’t have a way to lift the hospital beds properly. Another manufacturer needed lifts for their maintenance department to service broken beds as hospitals sent batches of beds that needed refurbishing. 

SVI International’s Custom Solution

SVI International was one of the first suppliers of safe and economical hospital bed lifts for makers such as Hill-Rom, Stryker, Joerns, Gendron, and Drive. Our main model, the HBL-1000, is able to lift numerous kinds of heavy medical equipment with ease, allowing manufacturers to improve productivity and ensure safety for production and servicing personnel. Our lifts are industry-standard, and they are also customizable to guarantee that they meet the manufacturer’s specific needs. 

HBL-100 Features Include:

  • Adjustable Lift Height
  • Adjustable Arm Width
  • Positive Engaging Carriage Safety Locks
  • Folding Telescoping Arms to Keep Floor Area Clear
  • 110V Power Unit and Lock Release (Wall Mounted or Directly Attached)
  • Specialty Adapters Available for Other Medical Equipment

The Outcome

Our lifting cylinders were the ideal solution for the hospital bed manufacturer needing to improve productivity and safety standards. These lifts allow the beds to be at the proper height for personnel to work on them quickly and safely. The manufacturer who was servicing worn and broken hospital beds was able to use our lifts to efficiently refurbish the batches of beds that hospitals sent in before returning the beds.

SVI International, Inc.

While we are confident our hospital bed lifts are a great product, we can also customize our lifts to meet your unique manufacturing or service needs! In addition to hospital and surgical beds, our adapters allow you to use our lifts for different types of medical equipment. Contact us to place an order or inquire about how we can provide a solution to meet your needs!